Aidan McCullen
Aidan McCullen

How can you help make sure your team doesn’t get stuck in a rut?
How can you encourage people to discover new things, even those that seem to be disconnected to their day jobs?
How can you awaken to opportunities and threats that sneak up on even the most successful of us? 
These questions inspired me to create this workshop.

“The Permanent Reinvention” virtual workshop is now available, based on my forthcoming book, “Undisruptable: A Mindset of Permanent Reinvention for Individuals, Organisations and Life.”

Designed with the latest understanding of the neuroscience of learning and adapted for a virtual world, It is a workshop that explores the cognitive traps that prevent us from making our best decisions in business and every other aspect of life.

Feedback has been phenomenal and it is fun and transformational for teams in an age of hiring workshops and Zoom fatigue. I have used the latest neuroscience of learning to ensure that hits the mark.

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