Robin Dunbar

EP 248 Robin Dunbar on Friends: Understanding the Power of our Most Important Relationships

Friends matter to us, and they matter more than we think. The single most surprising fact to emerge out of the medical literature over the last decade or so has been that the number and quality of the friendships we have has a bigger influence on our happiness, health and even mortality risk than anything else except giving up smoking. Robin Dunbar explains why.

The Rise of The Rhizomatous Organisation Part One

Some tree species (cottonwoods, aspens, poplars, huon pines) are rhizomatous, so that each new tree is actually part of the other trees. They seem like separate entities but they are part of the whole. This provides a beautiful analogy for departments within an organisation, that are connected by a unifying vision, a North Star, while they expand on the strength of the whole.

Leonard Mlodinow Innovation Show

EP 247: Leonard Mlodinow on Stephen Hawking: A Memoir of Friendship and Physics

Leonard Mlodinow, Stephen Hawking, Subliminal, Elastic, Euclid’s Window, Feynman’s Rainbow, The Upright Thinkers and War of the Worldviews with Deepak Chopra. And 2 books coauthored with Stephen Hawking.Innovation,Business,Leadership,Entrepreneurship,Human Potential

Rube Goldberg Machine

Satisficing and the Changemaker’s Compromise Conundrum

While all change requires some level of compromise. The most important thing is to never compromise on your values. If your personal values are at odds with the values of the company you work for, you will need to leave. Staying will eventually lead to frustration, unhappiness and even illness. I leave you this week with the words of Janis Joplin … “Don’t compromise yourself. You’re all you’ve got.”

Bill Burnett Dave Evans

EP 246: Designing Your Work Life with Bill Burnett and Dave Evans

The course – the most popular at Stanford – has led to a global franchise and a New York Times and worldwide bestselling book: Designing Your Life, published in 2016.

Today they are here to discuss their follow up book : Designing Your Work Life: How to Thrive and Change and Find Happiness at Work

Playing the Right Notes: Experimentation leads to Equilibrium

Johann Sebastian Bach ingeniously balanced two opposing, contradictory forces in music: diatonicism and the contradictory force: chromaticism. Bach was the pioneer in perfectly intertwining these two musical forces to achieve musical equilibrium. This intertwining of two contrasting forces is a great analogy for business today. Leaders must explore and exploit in tandem.

Cliff Goldmacher

EP 245: The Reason For The Rhymes: Mastering the Seven Essential Skills of Innovation by Learning to Write Songs with Cliff Goldmacher

The Reason For The Rhymes: Mastering the Seven Essential Skills of Innovation by Learning to Write Songs with Cliff Goldmacher

Robert Sapolsky

EP 244: “Behave: The Biology of Humans at Our Best and Worst” – Robert M. Sapolsky

Robert Sapolsky’s Behave is one of the most dazzling tours de horizon of the science of human behavior ever attempted, a majestic synthesis that harvests cutting-edge research across a range of disciplines to provide a subtle and nuanced perspective on why we ultimately do the things we do…for good and for ill.