Howard Gardner: The Synthesizing Mind

In this episode of the Innovation Show, Howard Gardner, renowned for his theory of multiple intelligences, discusses his memoir ‘A Synthesizing Mind,’ recounting his life’s intellectual journey.

Gardner talks about his career, his passion for understanding intelligence, his work on ‘good work,’ and how modern innovations like large language models impact his theories.

George Glackin – Value Flows and Design Criteria Maps

This episode delves into the challenges corporate explorers face when introducing new business opportunities, emphasising the importance of crafting compelling value propositions. Featuring guest George Glackin, co-author of a chapter on value flows and design criteria maps, the discussion highlights these tools as essential for developing products or services that truly delight customers. Through the Swiffer Wet Jet case study, the effectiveness of these methodologies in real-world application is explored. Additionally, the episode covers the importance of overcoming the ‘curse of expertise’ and fostering diverse team collaboration to achieve innovation success. Sponsored by Wazoku, the episode advocates for connected collective intelligence in driving sustainable innovation ecosystems.

00:00 Introduction to Corporate Explorers and Value Propositions

00:43 Sponsor Spotlight: Wazoku’s Role in Innovation

01:29 Guest Introduction: George Glackin on Value Flows and Design Criteria Maps

01:41 The Genesis of Value Flows and Design Criteria Maps

03:26 The Curse of Expertise and Its Impact

05:05 Exploring the Value Flow with a Practical Example

05:57 Deep Dive into Design Criteria Maps

09:07 Applying the Framework: The Swiffer Wet Jet Case Study

13:17 Breaking Down Silos for Successful Product Development

15:34 The Importance of Validation and Scaling in Innovation

17:07 Closing Remarks and Contact Information

Go to the book website – and complete the contact form requesting the corrected version of chapter 5 and chapter 10.

Also see here for chapter 5:


Dan Ariely Misbelief Podcast

Navigating Misinformation with Empathy: Misbelief with Dan Ariely

This episode features Dan Ariely, author of ‘Misbelief, what makes rational people believe irrational things’, focusing on the psychology behind misinformation and belief in conspiracy theories.

Michael Nichols

Venture Building from Idea to Scale with Michael Nichols

Michael Nichols, coauthor of the Corporate Explorer Field Book and Director of Corporate Ventures for MANN + HUMMEL, shares insights on the challenges of inside-out innovation within corporations, emphasizing the importance of validating business models beyond core business practices.

Ellen Langer Innovation Show Aidan McCullen

Ellen Langer – The Mindful Body Part 1

An Interview with Ellen Langer: The Power of Mindfulness in Health and Life. Ellen Langer was the first woman to be tenured in psychology at Harvard. Known worldwide as the mother of mindfulness and the mother of Positive Psychology

Rita McGrath and Aidan McCullen on The Innovation Show

Rita McGrath: Designing Organisations for Innovation and Growth

In this final of a 4-part episode, Rita McGrath discusses her upcoming book focused on how organisations can design structures that empower decision-making at all levels, embracing a ‘permissionless’ approach to innovation.

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