Ian Morrison – The Second Curve: Bracing for Changes in Technology, Consumers, and Markets

The Second Curve: Bracing for Changes in Technology, Consumers, and Markets

The podcast sees futurist and author, Ian Morrison, discuss the concept of his book, ‘The Second Curve’. This concept delineates how businesses must straddle their existing ‘first curve’ while preparing for a ‘second curve’ defined by new technologies, market shifts, and emerging consumer behaviors. Morrison cites examples, like Microsoft and Apple, of successful navigation from the first to second curve and emphasizes the importance of not abandoning the profit potential of the existing business too soon. Concerning organisations, Morrison discusses a shift from mechanistic to more fluid ‘organic’ forms, referencing shifts to more connected, network-driven models and an importance of corporate culture. He also explains the strategy of ‘virtual integration’ employed by companies like Apple, contrasting it to traditional integration approaches. Morrison finishes by highlighting the enduring relevance of adaptable, entrepreneurial culture in the success of these transformations.


Find Ian here: http://ianmorrison.com


00:00 Introduction: The Dilemma of the Second Curve

00:57 The Journey of the Author: From Geographic Change to Futurism

04:40 The Genesis of the Second Curve Concept

05:41 The Challenges of Navigating the Second Curve

06:47 The Impact of Technological Change on Businesses

09:02 The Role of Forecasting in Navigating Change

11:29 The Pitney Bowes Case Study: Navigating the Second Curve

13:13 The Importance of Timing in Jumping to the Second Curve

13:48 The Role of Innovation in Business Survival

15:18 The Impact of External Changes on Business Strategies

17:06 The Challenges of Adapting to New Business Models

18:37 The Role of Emotional Intelligence and Flexibility in Navigating Change

21:39 The Pitney Bowes Story: A Lesson in Navigating the Second Curve

37:16 The Role of Culture in Navigating the Second Curve

50:15 Conclusion: The Future of the Second Curve


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Narendra Laljani – Corporate Explorer Part 4

Corporate Explorers: Navigating Through Toxic Assumptions with Narendra Laljani


Episode Description:

In this insightful episode of our Corporate Explorer series, we dive deep into the crucial topic of “Outside-In: Overcoming Toxic Assumptions with Market Insight” with our distinguished guest, Narendra Laljani. As a co-author of the chapter, management educator, consultant, and program director at Henley Business School, Laljani brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our discussion, illuminating the path for organizations aiming to navigate the treacherous waters of innovation and strategic adaptation.

Key Highlights:

  • Introduction to the Series [00:00:00]: We kick off the episode with gratitude towards our sponsor, Wazoku, for supporting the exploration of effective, sustainable innovation ecosystems. A brief overview sets the stage for our deep dive into overcoming toxic assumptions through market insight, highlighting the journey through previous series parts with Mike Tushman and Andy Binns.

  • The Core Challenges [00:02:00]: Laljani and host Aidan McCullen discuss the dual challenges of the “inside-out” and “outside-in” perspectives that organizations face. Through captivating examples such as Encyclopaedia Britannica, Kodak, and Thomas Cook, we explore the pitfalls of success recipes and the importance of adapting to environmental changes.

  • Narendra Laljani’s Rich Experience [00:04:00]: Laljani shares his extensive background in corporate exploration, offering personal anecdotes and lessons learned from both successes and failures. His insights into leadership challenges and strategic execution are not to be missed.

  • Overcoming Embedded Assumptions [00:05:00]: Delving into the metaphor of organizational DNA, we discuss how deeply embedded assumptions and beliefs shape corporate culture and decision-making processes, often to the detriment of innovation and growth.

  • Mental Models and Industry Paradigms [00:09:00]: The conversation broadens to include the concept of mental models within organizations and entire industries, emphasizing the importance of challenging existing paradigms to uncover new opportunities.

  • The Value of New Perspectives [00:12:00]: Highlighting the critical role of newcomers in injecting fresh thinking into stagnant environments, we discuss strategies for preserving and leveraging newness within corporate structures.

  • A Framework for Innovation [00:14:00]: Laljani introduces a practical framework for challenging assumptions, derived from the work of C.K. Prahalad and Gary Hamel, offering listeners a tool for strategic innovation and thought provocation.

  • Continuous Learning as a Competitive Edge [00:16:00]: The episode concludes with a powerful discussion on the importance of learning, unlearning, and relearning, underscoring continuous learning as the only sustainable competitive advantage in the future.

Where to Find Us: Tune in to this compelling episode on platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify to gain insights into overcoming toxic assumptions with market insight. For those looking to dive deeper into strategic innovation and corporate exploration, connect with Narendra Laljani on LinkedIn or explore the upcoming Strategic Innovation Program at Henley Business School.


Michael Beer

Fit To Compete Part 2 with Michael Beer

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Main topics with timestamps:

  1. Strategic Fitness Process – [00:00:00]
  2. Long-Term Investment Challenges – [00:13:00]
  3. Impact of Company Culture and Leadership – [00:30:00]
  4. Role of Succession Planning – [00:43:00]
  5. Becton Dickinson Case Study – [00:51:00]
  6. Transformative Leadership and Values – [00:57:00]
  7. Innovation in Corporate Strategy – [01:03:00]
  8. Conclusion and Key Takeaways – [01:10:00]

Articles mentioned in the episode: The Great Training Robbery https://www.hbs.edu/ris/Publication%20Files/16-121_bc0f03ce-27de-4479-a90e-9d78b8da7b67.pdf

Find Mike Beer: https://www.beermichael.com


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