David L. Rogers Digital Transformation Roadmap Book Interview

David Rogers – The Digital Transformation Roadmap Part 2

Aidan and David Rogers, the author of ‘The Digital Transformation Roadmap’ delve into the significant challenges and strategies for digital transformation within organisations. Key topics include overcoming psychological and organisational debt, technical capabilities required for transformation, the importance of suitable technology, retaining key talent, and evolving organisational culture. David also shares insights on governance and iterative funding, emphasising the need for smart shutdowns and resource allocation. The episode is packed with practical examples, including successful digital transformations at Walmart and Netflix. David’s profound experience and practical tools make this essential listening for business leaders and innovators.

Image of David L. Rogers The Digital Transformation Guru

David L. Rogers – The Digital Transformation Roadmap Part 1

Unlocking Successful Digital Transformation: Insights from David L. Rogers

In this episode, David L. Rogers, author of ‘The Digital Transformation Roadmap’ and ‘The Digital Transformation Playbook,’ joins Aidan to discuss the critical steps and challenges businesses face in their journey towards digital transformation. Rogers emphasises the importance of transforming not just products and business models but the organisation itself. 

He outlines five major barriers to success: vision, priorities, experimentation, governance, and capabilities. 


Through insightful case studies such as the New York Times and CNN+, Rogers illustrates the pitfalls and successful strategies for driving meaningful innovation. 


Additionally, he highlights the need for iterative funding and continuous adaptation in the face of uncertainty. This episode is packed with practical advice and lessons drawn from two decades of research and real-world examples, aimed at helping leaders navigate and thrive in the digital age.


00:00 Introduction to Digital Transformation

00:57 Meet the Author: David L. Rogers

01:47 The Evolution of Digital Transformation

02:36 Challenges and Misconceptions

07:48 Defining Digital Transformation

09:56 Barriers to Success

22:26 Case Study: The New York Times

31:33 Setting Realistic Expectations for Change

32:21 Defining a Clear Vision for Change

34:03 Empathy and Resistance to Change

34:53 Challenges of Corporate Innovation

36:15 Addressing Uncertainty in Innovation

39:27 Paths to Innovation and Growth

41:41 Case Study: The Failure of CNN Plus

49:55 Iterative Funding and the Facebook Example

54:44 Conclusion and Final Thoughts


Find David here: 

Substack: http://davidrogersdigital.substack.com

Website: https://davidrogers.digital


The Missing Link Between Strategy and Innovation article David mentioned:



The episode we mentioned with Steve Blank:

The Startup Owner’s Manual: The Step-By-Step Guide for Building a Great Company



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Business Experiments with Sarah Spoto and Vincent Ducret

Stop Relying on Gut Feeling: How Business Experimentation Drives Innovation

In the ever-changing world of business, instinct can only take you so far. The latest episode of The Innovation Show dives deep into the world of data-driven innovation, exploring how business experimentation can de-risk new ventures and lead to success.

Our Corporate Explorers, Sarah Spoto (Product Marketing Manager for Electric Vehicles & Customer Experience with Cadillac) and Vincent Ducret (ChangeLogic), share their experiences implementing a groundbreaking business experimentation framework for General Motors in China.

This episode unpacks the importance of assumption analysis, prioritizing hypotheses, and iterative experimentation for making informed decisions based on real customer data, not just intuition.

You’ll also learn about:

The challenges of corporate innovation and how to overcome them
How to foster a culture of experimentation that embraces celebrating failures as learning opportunities
A real-world example of business experimentation in action

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In today’s competitive world, exceptional communication isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity. Leadership expert Sally Susman dismantles the myth of communication as a soft skill, instead arguing it’s a rock-hard competency. Discover how mastering communication can be your power tool to:

Inspire and motivate your team.
Clearly articulate your vision and goals.
Navigate complex situations with confidence.
Build trust and rapport with stakeholders.
Whether you’re an aspiring leader or a seasoned executive, this episode will equip you with actionable strategies to transform your communication style and unlock your full leadership potential.

Image of authors Rob C. Wolcott and Kaihan Krippendorff and their book Proximity

Rob C. Wolcott and Kaihan Krippendorff – The Proximity Revolution

In today’s episode, we delve into the exciting world of the Proximity Revolution alongside renowned authors Rob C. Wolcott and Kaihan Krippendorff. They unveil how digital advancements are fueling a revolution in customization, on-demand production, and efficient delivery – reimagining industries from agriculture to healthcare.

Imagine fresh, local produce thriving in the heart of a city. Imagine personalized medicine manufactured right when you need it. This isn’t science fiction; it’s the dawning age of the Proximity Revolution, and it’s poised to reshape our world.

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EP531 Wendy Smith – Both/And Thinking Part 3

Explore the transformative potential of Both/And Thinking in creative problem solving with Wendy Smith. Discover how embracing emotions drives innovation and gain practical tools to navigate uncertainty, broaden perspectives, and foster dynamic organizational change. Join us as we delve into real-world case studies and leadership insights to inspire paradoxical thinking in your organization.

An image of Christine Griffin from Change Logic

EP530 Building an Ecosystem Playbook with Christine Griffin

Ever wondered how companies can leverage partnerships to drive innovation and deliver new value propositions to their customers? In this episode, we explore the art and science of corporate innovation ecosystems with Christine Griffin, a renowned expert in the field.

Christine unveils a powerful six-step process for crafting a winning ecosystem playbook. We delve into a compelling case study – Best Buy’s strategic shift from retail giant to home health services leader – to illustrate the power of this approach.

Discover how Best Buy leveraged acquisitions and partnerships to become a key player in the home health market. Learn the importance of understanding value creation, identifying market turning points, and mapping the ecosystem landscape. We’ll also explore how to assess financial flows, build a robust scaling path, and develop the capabilities needed for success.

This episode is a must-listen for corporate explorers and innovation leaders seeking to:

Develop successful partnerships
Drive co-innovation for customer value
Navigate the complexities of business ecosystems

A picture of Wendy on the Innovation Show to discuss her book Smith Both And Thinking

Wendy Smith – Both/And Thinking Part 2

Unleash the Power of “Both/And” Thinking: Solve Toughest Problems & Make Breakthrough DecisionsTired of either/or choices? This episode of The Innovation Show cracks the code on navigating paradoxes. Join Wendy Smith, co-author of “Both/And Thinking,” as she reveals the power of embracing tensions for better problem-solving in your career, organization, and beyond. Discover the four types of paradoxes and practical strategies to manage them effectively. Learn from Lego’s success story and more!

Image of Wendy Smith and Aidan McCullen Interview for the Innovation Show

Wendy Smith – Both/And Thinking Part1

In this episode, we are joined by Wendy Smith, co-author of ‘Both/And Thinking: Embrace Creative Tensions to Solve Your Toughest Problems.’ Wendy elaborates on the nuances between dilemmas, paradoxes, and tensions, emphasising that these terms are not interchangeable and revealing the psychological and practical implications of recognising and navigating paradoxes. Drawing from her personal experiences and research, Wendy illustrates how both/and thinking can be applied to career decisions, organisational challenges, and broader societal issues. She discusses the limitations of either/or thinking and the harmful patterns it can create, such as intensification, overcorrection, and polarisation. Using examples from companies like Lego and Gore, Wendy shows how balancing tradition and innovation, centralisation and decentralisation, and other competing demands can lead to more sustainable success. The conversation also delves into the four types of paradoxes: learning, performing, organising, and belonging, and explores strategies to manage these tensions effectively. This episode is essential for anyone facing complex decisions in their personal or professional life. 00:00 Introduction to Both/And Thinking 00:12 Understanding Tensions and Dilemmas 03:08 Defining Paradox and Its Importance 05:23 Embracing Paradoxes in Real Life 08:00 Conditions That Highlight Paradoxes 16:51 Exploring the Four Types of Paradoxes 23:28 Navigating Organisational Paradoxes 31:23 The Paradox System Framework 36:57 Lego’s Journey Through Paradox 45:40 Conclusion and Further Resources

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