Discovery-Driven Planning with Rita Gunther McGrath The Clayton Christensen Tribute

Discovery-Driven Planning with Rita Gunther McGrath The Clayton Christensen Tribute

Discovery-Driven Planning with Rita Gunther McGrath The Clayton Christensen Tribute

Joseph L. Bower

Joseph L. Bower – Disruptive Technologies: Catching the Wave

Joseph L. Bower is the father of Resource Allocation theory included in his 1970 groundbreaking book, Managing the Resource Allocation Process.
He has been a leader in general management at Harvard Business School for over 5 decades where he is the Donald K. David Professor Emeritus.
He was Clayton Christensen’s doctoral thesis adviser and worked with Clay to develop and stress test his theories.

He is with us today to recognise his friend and revisit that famous 1995 article,
“Disruptive Technologies: Catching the Wave” that preceded the Innovator’s Dilemma
In a way this episode is a prequel to part one.
It is a great honour to welcome for the hour or Bower: Professor Joseph L. Bower

Image of Friederike Fabritius

The Brain-Friendly Workplace with Friederike Fabritius

In The Brain-Friendly Workplace, Friederike Fabritius highlights the basic fact that we need more thought diversity and that people’s motivations differ very much.

Picture of Nick Chater and Morten H. Christiansen

The Language Game – Nick Chater and Morten H. Christiansen

It’s a pleasure to welcome the authors of The Language Game- How Improvisation Created Language and Changed the World., Nick Chater and Morten H. Christiansen

The Exploit-Explore Continuum with Alex Osterwalder

Alex Osterwalder offers an understanding of the Explore-Exploit Continuum will help executives and innovation teams put in place the right investment and management processes, the required skill set and culture to explore new business ideas as successfully as they exploit current businesses.

Martin Grunburg

Everything Is a Story – Martin Grunburg

Martin Grunburg produces an epic finale and at the same time, introduces an innovative and simplified behaviour change model already impacting the coaching and behaviour change professions. Find Martin here:

Matt Christensen,Rose Park Advisors,

Netflix Blockbuster and The Innovators Dilemma with Matt Christensen

The work of Clayton Christensen changed my worldview and, ultimately, my life. I have been lining up all his co-authors to celebrate his life and share his theories. We have been interviewing each of these great thinkers over the last few months and into 2023. We will bring you each of those episodes in chronological order of his book releases. It includes Matt Christensen, Clay’s son and CEO of Rose Park Advisors, Rita McGrath, Joseph L. Bower, Michael Raynor, Scott D. Anthony Hal Gregerson, Taddy Hall Bob Moesta, Michael B. Horn Efosa Ojomo and Karen Dillon.

Coming Jan 23, 2023

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