EP 209: Managing your Brain in a Crisis with Dr. Daniel Amen

Posted 4 weeks ago

Today’s guest in this bonus episode is an innovator in his field, a brain expert and bestselling author who is on the forefront of a new movement within medicine and related disciplines. 

We discuss strategies to deal with the Covid-19 crisis and our brain health during periods of high stress and anxiety.

We discuss:

1. How fear impacts our decision making

2. Crushing ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts)

3. Understanding different brain types

4. How to manage stress/comfort eating 

5. How to influence children during a crisis

More about Daniel here: https://www.amenclinics.com

The Humachine: Humankind, Machines, and the Future of Enterprise with John Wood

Posted 1 month ago

There is a lot of hype, hand waving and ink being spilled about artificial intelligence (AI) in business. The amount of coverage of this topic in the trade press and on shareholder calls is evidence of a large change currently underway. It is both awesome and terrifying.  

What started as an inquiry into how executives can adopt AI to harness the best of human and machine capabilities turned into a much more profound rumination on the future of humanity and enterprise. It is a wake-up call for business leaders across all sectors of the economy. Not only should you implement AI regardless of your industry, but once you do, you should fight to stay true to your purpose, your ethical convictions, indeed your humanity, even as our organisations continue to evolve. While not holding any punches about the dangers posed by AI, today’s guest uniquely surveys where technology is limited, and where the true opportunities lie amidst all the disruptive change that is currently underway.

Weak Human + Machine + Better Process > Strong Human + Machine + Inferior Process

More about John here:


The Innovator's Spirit: Discover the Mindset to Pursue the Impossible with Chuck Swoboda

Posted 1 month ago

Everyone wants to create new products and services, find new customers and markets, stay ahead of the competition, and work smarter instead of harder. 

Yet with all the focus and attention on innovation, the term has become an overused buzzword rather than a real, tangible concept. If you want to seriously pursue innovation—you need to strip away the hype.

Real innovators need to transcend the existing ideas, rules, and patterns to discover exciting new outcomes. They must step outside the best practice box and get their hands dirty. 

The spirit of a true innovator is rooted in wanting to do something that has never been done before, to solve problems that have never been solved, and to run through walls and leap over tall buildings to get there.

In his book, our guest—the retired chairman and CEO of Cree, a company that fundamentally changed the way people experience light and drove the obsolescence of the Edison light bulb—explains that innovation is fundamentally about people and tells us how to develop a mindset of creativity, risk-taking, and hard work. 

We welcome author “The Innovator’s Spirit: Discover the Mindset to Pursue the Impossible”, Chuck Swoboda

More about Chuck: https://www.innovatorsontap.com