Indiana Jones Grabs Hat just in time

Forest Fires, Fire Walls, Limited Time Frames

Organisations, like individuals, need a forest fire every so often, otherwise the deadwood piles up and latent potential remains trapped. When we burn off the deadwood in the form of legacy products, dying business (and mental) models and employee turnover, we create space for new growth and the saplings of change. In today’s business world of rapid change, we need to be in charge of the forest fire and control the burn before it runs amok.

Change Management by Changing THE Management: Organizational Self-Binding

To restrain long-term employees from falling back into their old habits. Even when long-term employees have the willpower, their old habits die hard. It is a tough dilemma for leaders, the tradeoff between retraining and replacing. Either way, there is a lot of pain, both are possible.

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