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Egreg-ORGS: Egregores or Entelechy

Organisations are egregores or egreg-ORGS. Organisations feed on the energy of their employees, suppliers and customers. Organisations reach their goals through the energetic alignment of their collectives. The thoughts and emotions of employees emit energy that is harnessed to create a collective entity greater than the sum of its parts. Egregores are not always harmful but have led to genocide, slavery and war. For this article, I want to highlight the idea of an organisation sapping the energy of its people and ostracising those who go against the grain.

Chicken on steroids

Rank Growth or Sustainable Growth

This Thursday Thought highlights the imperative for growth imposed on organisations that have become slaves to stock analysts. When an incumbent, established organisation has enjoyed growth, they experience a challenge similar to the bodybuilder. They do not want to invest in the foundations but would instead focus on the visible growth, the vanity exercises. Investing in and developing disruptive innovation markets is akin to maintaining the ligament, tendon and muscle sheath work. By its very nature, the market size of a new opportunity is small, so the returns also look small. To make matters worse, they are slow, and when compared to the might and muscle of maturity, they look puny.

Exploding Ants and Corporate Apoptosis

Apoptosis provides a fitting metaphor for what must happen in organisations to survive continuous cycles of change. Rather than letting the entire organisation die, the corporate body’s sectors, departments, and business units must regularly renew, just like a human body. Like any healthy process, the end of one cycle is the beginning of another, and it is better to embrace this law than to resist it. Easier said than done.


Cerberus Clients: Captive to Customers

Using the rational, analytical investment processes that most well-managed companies have developed, it is nearly impossible to build a logical case for diverting resources from known customer needs in established markets to markets and customers that seem insignificant or do not yet exist.

Killing Caterpillars & Backing Butterflies

As Clayton Christensen reiterated throughout his work, capable managers do not become incapable overnight; they act in what they believe is in the best interests of the organisation they serve. For the executives in Western Union, there was simply no way they could have anticipated that the telephone would ever get good enough to be a competitive threat. As the great innovator Buckminster Fuller said, “There is nothing in the caterpillar that tells you it will be a butterfly.” 

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