MaltaMalta2018-08-215Carlo PignataroThe quintessence of a podcastI have been a regular listener of this show for over one year, and I have enjoied every single episode. The wide spectrum of topics the show adresses have helped me gain a more "generalistic " approach to knowledge which, as Charlie Munger would say, enhances the abilty to think critically. I also enjoy very much the way the host conducts his interviews: very professional and relaxed, yet extremely detailed - almost inquisitive at times - for the sake of pushing his guests to present their topic in the clearest possible way, something that obviously helps the listener understand better the various subjects. I have recommended The Innovation Show to several people in my professional and personal network, and they've all became regular listeners. Five stars without a doubt!
AustriaAustria2018-08-215TahahajGreat Show!!!Great show with fantastic guests! Absolute weekly-must for innovative minds and creative thinkers!
United StatesUnited States2020-06-085Ehren SInsightful and well doneAidan does a wonderful job bringing together rich content with amazing leaders. The show provides in-depth perspective on a variety topics for leaders in all industries and all levels. I highly recommend subscribing! You won’t be disappointed.
United StatesUnited States2020-06-075MisterLeedThought provoking and simulating topicsThe Innovation Show by Aidan has been on my podcast playlist for many years now and there are many reasons why: 1) Broad range of topics that are both deeply foundational and topical 2) Curation of guests on the show are a mix of academics and real life practitioners 3) Episodes are long enough to cover a meaningful conversation/dialogue (not sound bite form) 4) Frequency of Episode released once or twice per week gives enough time to digest the content for busy professionals and last, but not least 5) Aidan is a gifted interviewer! Aidan respects all his guests and never tries to outshine them with constant interruptions and disingenuous remarks. He asks both general and tough thought provoking questions that attempts to unearth the true essence of his guest’s work or lifelong craft. Lastly, Aidan is authentic and does all of this with a sense of humility which is rare to find.
United StatesUnited States2020-04-175Dr. Gleb TsipurskyAidan is a great podcast host!Aidan is a great podcast host! Terrific interviewer who ensures that those being interviewed look good, as opposed to trying to shine the spotlight on themselves. Was one of the best-prepared, if not the best, show hosts I spoke to, and I did over 450 podcast interviews. Very highly recommended!
United StatesUnited States2019-10-165M ConaghanIncredible PodcastStart to finish this podcast is fantastic. The versatile content and engaging interactions keep my focus in a very entertaining, well-structured show. I find myself pausing and writing down quotes. Keep the content coming!
United StatesUnited States2019-04-145CKW101Insights Into ResultsAiden is a gifted interviewer who always gets his guests talking about what matters. This last episode, on "Leadership Language", showed that he really cares about making positive change in the world. Terrific guests as well. Always a show with something to say, and that's what makes it worth listening!
United StatesUnited States2018-11-085Dual PodcastsFollowThis podcast
United StatesUnited States2018-08-215ParallelMindzzAmazing, Timely, & InspiredAidan hosts a show that showcases positive change-agents in all fields. The Innovation Show isn't just about the latest gadget: Aidan interviews thought-leaders, authors, and entrepreneurs of all types. Fascinating—an intellectual version of a late-night talkshow.
United StatesUnited States2018-04-195UnstuckableRefreshing challenging of the status quoI really, really enjoy this podcast and you will to if your brain craves alternative insights and perspectives! Thank you Adian for curating such fascinating guests on topics more of us should be discussing!
United StatesUnited States2018-03-015J. BarshopAwesome show, highly recommend!Aidan and his guests provide some incredibly actionable and compelling content on how to effectively pioneer and foster innovation. Highly recommend listening and subscribing to The Innovation Show if you want the knowledge AND mindsets on how some incredible minds think about going from idea to implementation in today’s ever-evolving landscape.
United StatesUnited States2018-02-125Kingdaddy2000Greaet show!Aiden is a fantastici interviewer, and the show's focus on square pegs in round holes is spot on. It's definteily worth hearing!
United StatesUnited States2017-07-215Duckster22Love this vibeIt's like listening in to an interesting conversation in a coffee shop.
United StatesUnited States2017-03-165FNJacobsLoved the Innovation ShowAidan did a great job with this podcast. It felt more like a conversation than an interview. I hope people find it interesting. Many thanks!
United StatesUnited States2017-02-065Jhughes51Best of its kindFantastic guests with an informed and passionate host. Highly recommended to anyone interested or involved in the tech world.
IrelandIreland2020-06-095BrianMacIntyreMrThree things stand out for me about The Innovation Show... 1. Aidan's a great listener and never feels the need to 'compete' on knowledge with his guests. He knows full well that they're the experts... which is why he has them on in the first place. 2. He's clearly read the book. From a past life as a broadcast journalist, many presenters would rely on book briefs which clearly can't lead to a deep dive. It's nice to know he has done all the groundwork and it shows. And the guests clearly appreciate it... which always makes for a better interview in terms of how generous the authors are in imparting extra nuggets of wisdom. 3. I always learn something new. In fact, my library's expanding at a faster pace than usual as a result of this show... and I don't have room for another Billy bookcase!
IrelandIreland2020-06-075keithmyersAuthentic, Insightful & InvaluableAidan continually delivers quality episodes from inspirational authors - bringing listeners right up close to innovation topics across tech, neuroscience, org and personal development! Keep ‘em coming Aidan.
IrelandIreland2020-06-075AOBboaHelps me in work and at homeAidan delivers a great range of topics that impact you in all phases of your life. His research is uniquely thorough and his guests enjoy the discussion due to his clear knowledge on their subject. A great listen
IrelandIreland2020-06-075Cox0211Always interesting, brilliant podcast!Aidan lectured at my university last year and I have been an avid listener ever since. The guests he gets on for each show are fantastic and there is something that you can learn from every episode.
IrelandIreland2020-05-215EricN214Always interestingExcellent, Aidan gets the best out of each interview, has the research done and is genuinely curious.
IrelandIreland2019-09-295FionnaaGreat food for thought!Fantastically informative on such interesting innovational topics with superb guests! Thank you.
IrelandIreland2019-01-015Damon WildeKeeps getting betterI have been a long time subscriber, even going back over the back catalogue. Each show adds a new skill to the human repertoire. I look forward to hearing the progression in 2019 and beyond.
IrelandIreland2019-01-015CamillusobrienSeven principles for marketing growthFirstly, this is a biased review. I’ve known Frans for many years. I’ve also worked with him on projects and I’ve read his book. With this out of the way, this is a great interview with Frans, where he does explain what BiTSing is about. Aidan gives Frans the time and space to be explain BiTSing with examples from clients and he delves a little deeper to highlight how important these principles for companies seeking growth. Listen out in particular for the Golden Egg. It’s about finding out what’s makes your company/brand uncopyable and gives you a message that will make you more distinctive that your competitors. I like to borrow from Stephen Covey and think of these principles as the “Seven Principles of Highly Effective Marketers” Following these will lead to a Revenue Growth. Enjoy the interview.
IrelandIreland2018-09-065Von JordanInnovation EvolvedThe Innovation Show features a delightful array of guests and insights who deliver exceptional and thought provoking stories. It provides a guide to disruption across multiple industries and technologies and really pushes the boundaries for strategic thinkers and curious minds to create and embrace the next digital revolution.
IrelandIreland2018-08-275wexjoeGreat shows, super guest, real and valuable insightsI love Aidan’s shows, his curiosity and research come though in each. I enjoy the breadth of topics and relaxed nature of conversations. They brighten up my commute.
IrelandIreland2018-08-275Mac101ArtOne of my favourite podcastsIf you’re searching for meaning, and what it is to be human and successful in the world of business and innovation today, this show is for you. Deep thinking with personal stories from guests filled with insights. And laughs too. From a thoroughly researched host who brings hard and sometimes complex subjects to life in lively, easygoing and always insightful discussions. Giving you a really strong grip on what’s coming next! Listen and you’ll see.
IrelandIreland2018-08-225MC 25Looking for inspiration to live a great lifeFor me this is the best international leadership podcast. It delivers my weekly fix of inspiration and education that enables me to live a great life..... I promise, you won’t be disappointed.
IrelandIreland2018-08-225Dave TallonFounder UPA great resource for thinkers, dreamers and change makers. A must listen if you have an interest in the patterns and trends that are influencing today and tomorrow.
IrelandIreland2018-08-215DarraghPowerGreat source of insightsGreat guests, great host, great topics with a real breadth of interests. If you’re curious about where things are going, and what that means for business, for society and for you - it’s a great source of insights.
IrelandIreland2018-07-145shell 700Learn something every weekI love this, honest, authentic and I learn something every week
IrelandIreland2018-05-215JtpazzoInnovators look no furtherA bite sized lesson in every episode. The show manages to not only inspire innovators but to also guide in the raising of budding innovators too! A thought provoking show where every guest brings something unique to the table.
IrelandIreland2018-05-015Eoin Griffin#1 Podcast of 2018I only found the Innovation Show podcast a few weeks ago, and have been on an info binge since. Whoever is booking the guests needs a serious raise. Cutting edge content with a great interviewer to boot. Put your earphones in and press play, you won't regret it!
IrelandIreland2018-03-145DossyOSMy favourite podcastRecently found more time to catch-up on my podcast backlog and spending most of my time listening to this show. Brilliant guests, and always an insight or three. Aidan does a great job of keeping the conversation moving and interesting. He clearly does his homework. Highly recommend.
IrelandIreland2017-06-155MrJamieWhiteFounder of Leading SocialWell done Aidan, thrilled to be part of the show. Have really enjoyed listing through all the content. Great work!!
IrelandIreland2017-03-215Johnny150781Amazing show with top quality contentThis is an unmissable show. It's has some world class discussions with leaders in their field. From AI trends to forming good habits, this show covers everything. Easy listening, educational and top quality content. This is my cup of tea!
IrelandIreland2017-03-065Dude73ishGet InspiredGreat way to keep up to date with tech from Ireland and around the world. Never a dull moment with Aidan and the varying guests. Subscribe now.
IrelandIreland2017-03-045mccavandishgraphic and web designerA great platform for information that can be transferred to the business world
IrelandIreland2017-02-225Lisa Marie ClintonRefreshing outlook!As a start up, the show is a great tool to learn, expand and network. Showcasing innovations and experiences within this digital ere.
IrelandIreland2017-01-235KC and the Sunshine Band - 26A must listenAnyone interested in technology and the not so distant future will get a lot out of this podcast. Great guests and lots of food for thought.
IrelandIreland2017-01-225livecasinoPrime TimeWe have no leader in technology news on most media channels, interviews, insight or analysis. All us new techies since 2013(!) need this. This is it.
IrelandIreland2017-01-175Greg PayneCulture Kills StrategyEnjoyable podcast. No frills or waffle. I like Aidan's interview style. Short, concise questions that lets the person being interviewed get on with it. Essential listening if you are involved in the Start-up scene in Ireland
IrelandIreland2017-01-175PanopoliLove this howLove this
IrelandIreland2017-01-135MccvinceThe interface between you and innovation!The Innovation Show brings together the people who think and act differently. Aidan McCullen is the perfect guide through the world of innovation and identifies the trends and ideas that you need to be listening to. Subscribe and let The Innovation Show tell you the story of our possible future....
IrelandIreland2017-01-095@patcarrolltouchProbably the best Podcast I subscribe to..The main 3 reasons, that I l always enjoy this podcast are as follows: 1. Aidan McCullen is an excelelnt interviewer, with a breath of knowledge which informs and compliments the conversation without getting in the wqy of the guests' views. 2. The guests are top class, the themes/topics always relevant and interesting. 3. The subjest matter, guests and style, while suitable for an international audience, feel familiar and particularly relevant to me an an Irish listener. Keep up the quality work, Mr McC !
IrelandIreland2017-01-054Breffni all starIoT, Cyber SecurityGreat show and very timely subjects covered for where we are today. IoT is the business differentiator of now not the future.
IrelandIreland2016-11-245John DennehyBest overview of Irish innovationThis is the best overview of what's happening in tech and innovation in Ireland. Aidan knows all the main players in the sector and hosts a lively and insightful podcast.
IrelandIreland2016-11-235M EireWell done FionaA fantastic interview giving us some insight in to innovation and innovate dublin. A great listen, well done!
IrelandIreland2016-11-215KieranHarteGreat interview styleAidan as a host is thoroughly researched and therefore manages to navigate to some of the most elusive and interesting elements of the story he is prodding. Great show
IrelandIreland2016-09-145TomthetruthTop ClassThis is the type of content all digital marketers and chief imagination officers need to be listening to. Top Class!
IrelandIreland2016-09-125Froggie12Top class showSuper impressed once again with this show. Just what Ireland needs, well done Aidan!
IrelandIreland2016-09-125UrbanEntrepreneurA breath of fresh air...Thanks guys for another immensely entertaining episode of The Innovation Show, the one show on air right now that keeps getting better and better each week.
IrelandIreland2016-09-105JSDublinInspiring and Captivating!Inspiring show. Entertaining and captivating listening to real thought leaders. Highly recommend!
IrelandIreland2016-09-095BrunomarsbarLove itThis is just so easy to listen to. No crap, no fluff and a good vibe to it. Love it.
IrelandIreland2016-09-085Mcginla80Great guests. Great insight. Great podcast.I struggled to find podcasts in the digital / innovation space that was able to hold my attention for more than an episode or two but The Innovation Show continuously churns out great guests and unique's a top notch program that avoids the gimmicks, provides subscribers with meaningful material in bite-size chunks and has a fantastic network of contributors in the techy, start-up, investor, disruption space. Get subscribing!!
IrelandIreland2016-09-085DubFounderStartsInnovation and InspirationInspirational and Educational for innovators and starter uppers. 5 Star guests each week.
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2019-12-095alansmlxlMr.I tune in every week to listen to Aiden take us on a journey with his well chosen guests. Asking great questions is the art of making a great interview. Recommended as there is always something insightful to learn.
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2019-03-305Paul 108In depth conversations that dig below the surfaceThis podcast delves more deeply into each week’s topic than most business and innovation podcasts make time for. Well researched interviews with a great range of guests.
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2018-02-195AOBboaWell researchedGreat show with well researched questions and some great content
SwitzerlandSwitzerland2018-09-085Gib BullochGentle Irish InterrogationI’ve listened to quite a few of Aidan McCullen’s Innovation Shows and found them all to be informative, insightful and fun. Aidan has a very gentle and probing questioning style which gets the best out of his guests. He is clearly well researched and has done his homework before each interview which allows him to get into more of a discussion and get deeper into the issues than I’ve experienced on other podcasts. I’d highly commend this to anyone with even a passing interest or curiosity for innovation.
TaiwanTaiwan2019-09-285Ayuna DDon't be afraid of changeGreat way to keep up with fast moving tech and business world and to understand where is it going not only where it is now. Don't be afraid of change and keep an eye on the horizon!
IrelandIreland2020-06-105courtneyd26Brilliant podcast with interesting guests!Aidan taught a module of my masters last year at Trinity Business School and I have been a big fan of the podcast since then. I’ve never been disappointed with the guests he has had on the show and I find each one more interesting than the last. The topics discussed on the show get me thinking and spark up great discussions with friends and family. Highly recommend!
IrelandIreland2020-06-105SAEOK2020Such insightful speakersThis podcast is on the top of my “subscribed” list and I look forward to the new releases each week. It continuously delivers innovative and thought provoking content, and inspires me to think ‘out of the box’ and come up with new solutions to the problems I’m facing. Highly recommended!
IrelandIreland2020-06-155niall prentyA Modern day Agora!The Innovation Show is the modern day digital equivalent of the Agora in Ancient Greece. Take a moment, rest a little and listen to some of our great thinkers wax lyrical about their most recent endeavour. Aidan’s style and approach to digging into their motivations and story, whilst drawing out insights and conclusions gives the listener direction on how to fill a book shelf with some really great reads. Well worth including in your weekly podcast listen list!
IrelandIreland2020-06-155Enda MurtaghFountain of KnowledgeThis is an excellent podcast and is top of my list each week! It is clear Aidan is hugely passionate about each subject and the format works really well for what is a diverse set of topics. I find the show very thought provoking and spend my time sharing nuggets with colleagues and friends. All episodes worth a listen but for someone who works in the Financial services industry the most recent episodes with Dee Hock and “Money without boundaries” were particularly inspiring! Keep it up Aidan Enda
IrelandIreland2020-06-275Sara McEvoyA world-class show for founders and innovatorsI discovered the show during lockdown and am devouring it. There’s a brilliant and broad range of guests, and Aidan’s style is laid back but clear and directive, resulting in quality content that’s a pleasure to listen to. It’s great to see an Irish show produced to such high quality. I just wish I had found it sooner!
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2020-07-105John14:12Great resource for anyone wanting to increase innovationExcellent show with a really broad range of guests that helps build a holistic view of what it takes increase innovation performance.
CanadaCanada2020-07-125Slickslider71In-depthAidan has great, diverse guests and is wonderfully prepared to ask interesting questions and dive into the content. The style is conversational while strategic and focused making it easy to listen to and offering a lot of value.
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2020-07-285Paul McAnallen10 out of 10One of the great podcasts and has been around for what seems like forever. Guests are always relevant and timely - interviews are excellent and each episode offers some insights and practical learnings. Excellent stuff Aidan.
United StatesUnited States2020-08-275Bill BeliasThis podcast is a gem if you care about innovationIf you are interested in innovation and read lots of books, there is a podcast for you. The Innovation Show is a one hour review of any book in the innovation space in the format of an interview of the author by Aidan McCullen who is one of the best interviewers I have listened to. He dives deep into the book and then extracts the essence directly from the author. I highly recommend it and once you listen to one podcast you will be hooked while walking away with excellent know-how. Give it a try.
IrelandIreland2020-09-265MimoflynnStartup Manna: So much to learn, so easy to digest!I recently heard about this show and I’m absolutely loving it. The areas covered are fascinating, and their delivery is insightful and thought-provoking. Aidan interviews his guests with skill and flair - he has a great personal touch in how he engages with and draws them out and it’s clear he has done his research thoroughly. Can’t recommend this podcast enough to startups, entrepreneurs and anyone with an interest in innovation or seeing things in a new light for work or life purposes. A podcast page-turner!
IrelandIreland2020-09-305Jane BabbA learning environmentUp there with Alan Alda’s Clear & Vivid - Aidan has created a generous, open learning environment. A pleasure.
SingaporeSingapore2020-10-035Vicpa11Such a great podcast!If you’re interested in innovation in any way at all, this podcast is great. It has expanded my thinking and introduced me to so many new thinkers. Thanks so much for all the time it must take to make it!
IrelandIreland2020-10-185Nicola McShaneinsightful and enjoyable.I look forward to each episode. They are insightful and enjoyable. They raise my curiosity and appetite for more knowledge.
IrelandIreland2020-10-235Aoibh RalThought Provoking, Exciting and InformativeThe Innovation Show is a brilliant podcast which never fails to enlighten and surprise me. Each week brings a new guest and with that new knowledge to digest. Aidan is a fantastic host and speaker who encourages lateral thinking in each episode and enlightens listeners on a vast range of topics from self reinvention to transhumanism - a true fountain of knowledge! Definite must for anyone looking to learn more about who we are, where we are going and how to get yourself there successfully.
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2020-10-245Elena CherubiniIncredible content to learn about the future and ourselvesIncredibly well researched content taking us through a journey meeting some of the greatest contemporary minds and innovators. Well worth a listen!
IrelandIreland2020-10-265Bacton22Aidan is a great host with interesting guestsSuper informative and interesting for anyone, especially those interested in emerging tech trends (AI etc). Aidan is able to get the most out of his time with guests, who always offer some unique way of looking at the world. 5/5
IrelandIreland2020-10-295Nicola McShaneinsightful and enjoyable experienceI look forward to each episode. They are insightful and enjoyable. They raise my curiosity and enthusiasm for more knowledge.
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2020-11-035SueWatersideThe Innovation ShowAiden McCullen has nailed it! This weekly podcast has stimulating, informative and thoroughly enjoyable conversations with thought leaders and practitioners in innovation and change who really know what they are talking about. Thanks Aiden. I have learned so much and appreciate your delivery.
United StatesUnited States2020-11-075Emily Jane QuinnFantastic!Great podcast! Aidan really breaks down some difficult concepts and provides valuable insight. Easy to follow and would recommend to a friend! 5/5 stars, easy.
United StatesUnited States2020-11-085Regina M. FitzpatrickEducational and interesting!Great range of interesting topics covered. Science, technology, psychology, and more- learn about subjects you never know you needed until now!
IrelandIreland2020-11-155Lee VaheyA Delectable Medley of Information SplendourThe Innovation Show is av. Simple put, it caters to every curiosity, from emerging technological trends, to habit formation, and everything in between. The show hosts amazing guests each week and Aidan himself is an excellent and enthusiastic conversationalist, who manages to let his guests take the lead while always adding to conversation with is own energetic input. I look forward to each show every week.
United StatesUnited States2020-11-195Bananas ruleIncredible Show!The range of topics is broad and caters to everyone. No need to be a computer genius or AI wizard, just have an open mind and enjoy Aidan and his guests break down tricky subjects into manageable and educational bits! They also pepper in some lovely and useful motivational practices that really shape your perspective on life and work!
AustraliaAustralia2020-11-195DamnativeninjaLove itAs a innovation change agent inside a global corporate I could say that this podcast has given me insights and got me through some pretty challenging moments trying to disrupt from within.
SwitzerlandSwitzerland2020-11-205The Real Surfer DudeFive Star ReviewAidan is a master of spreading knowledge in a positive and easy to understand way. A podcast that is really enjoyable to listen to and I do strongly recommend it to anyone interested not just on innovation but also in growing as a human being.
United StatesUnited States2020-11-215notthebrotherGreat podcastAiden McCullen does a wonderful job of inspiring us to face the challenges of our ever changing world. The insights from his excelente guests are fascinating.
IrelandIreland2020-11-245Louise MyronPerfect Balance between Informative and Interesting!It’s hard to find a podcast that strikes the perfect balance between being both consistently informative and interesting, but The Innovation Show is just that. With a wonderful host and fantastic weekly guest speakers shining light on their expertise, I’m constantly learning and engaged! A must listen for anyone looking to learn more about our ever-changing world in an enjoyable way.
GermanyGermany2020-11-245Hendrik Wei.Exceptionally inspiring, informative and entertaining.Who searches for an excellent podcast to get new insights in new trends, personal development and about inspiring personalities, is definitely right with choosing The Innovation Show! By inviting excellent guests every week, the host Aidan provides an exceptional value to all listeners. With his broad range of topics and guests, I am sure that everyone can find the right episode to start and to develop this brilliant format. The Innovation Show is essential for everyone who cares about their personal development and is highly recommended!
BrazilBrazil2020-11-255uberwin20A Game Changing Podcast!The Innovation Show changed a lot my way of thinking about innovation! Great best-selling authors talking about different perspectives on culture, leadership, people, creativity and, of course, technology! Strongly recommended it! Listen to the episodes and prepared yourself to take notes and buy lots of books!
PakistanPakistan2020-11-285Mustaali MarviA great symphony of profound knowledge & delightful guestsIt's rare to find such an amazing combo of great speakers with an in-depth knowledge regarding emerging technologies in today's world. This, combined with Aidan's eloquence, makes it a treat to hear to this podcast at least once a week!
RussiaRussia2020-12-015Angelina VorobievaVery informative and interestingGreat podcasts that have the perfect combination of guests, topics, and information depth, that make it very interesting and easy to listen! I personally love listening to the show because without spending hours and days reading about a certain topic, so much information is given to you in a easily-digestible way. Definitely waiting every week for new podcasts!
TurkeyTurkey2020-12-015CeylanMavienginA great, inspiring show!!It’s a great show that covers insightful topics every week..Aidan is such an inpiring host as well as the guests!!
IrelandIreland2020-12-025Niall WalshxThought Provoking and InformativeThe Innovation Show makes you think about ourselves and the way we look at the world around us. His guests are fantastic and each one of them brings their own story and unique perspective on life. Looking forward to hearing from the future guests of the show!
IrelandIreland2020-12-045Asmun27Weekly dose of intellectual curiosityThe Innovation Show is a fantastic podcast! Aidan is a gifted interviewer who strikes the perfect balance between thoughtful inputs and allowing the guests to shine. The episode with Mark Esposito on understanding how the future unfolds is a must-listen!
United StatesUnited States2020-12-065T.Gre.Recommend!This podcast started being part of my daily routine after getting introduced to it a few weeks ago. The narrators engaging voice and the interesting guests join me during my morning routine and on my way to campus. Recommended 5 out of 5!
IrelandIreland2021-01-095Eleonora PersicoInsightful PodcastGreat podcast to keep updated with the latest tech news! Aidan is an informed and passionate host and his weekly guests are knowledgeable and bring their unique expertise on a great breadth of interests. Easy to listen to and top quality content! Highly recommended!
SwedenSweden2021-01-115longtimelistner1stcallerQuality interviews with exceptional guestsAidan’s (show host) ability to generate insights through the conversations and guest interviews is remarkable. The content is evergreen and I’ve been applying many of the ideas introduced in this podcast to my life and the way I work.
IrelandIreland2021-02-025bernie brodInnovation showExcellent podcast. Very informative
IrelandIreland2017-01-095PaDaDa2Probably the best Podcast I subscribe to..The main 3 reasons, that I l always enjoy this podcast are as follows: 1. Aidan McCullen is an excelelnt interviewer, with a breath of knowledge which informs and compliments the conversation without getting in the wqy of the guests' views. 2. The guests are top class, the themes/topics always relevant and interesting. 3. The subjest matter, guests and style, while suitable for an international audience, feel familiar and particularly relevant to me an an Irish listener. Keep up the quality work, Mr McC !
United StatesUnited States2021-02-225M ConaghanAlways learning new thingsStart to finish this podcast is fantastic. The versatile content and engaging interactions keep my focus in a very entertaining, well-structured show. I find myself pausing and writing down quotes. If I’m in a creative or productive lull this show consistently gets me out of that rut. Keep the content coming!
United StatesUnited States2021-05-135Arlie KEngaging and Actionable!The Innovation Show has quickly become my go-to podcast for learning how to level up my work life! The authors he brings on bring incredible insights every single week... I love learning here!
IrelandIreland2021-05-145Suzie B43Best of its kindEvery guest Aidan has on is someone I want to spend time with. For anyone involved in change or innovation, or just anyone emotionally invested in what they do, I would highly recommend the Innovation Show. It’s got me reading more, writing more, thinking more and stressing less.
PanamaPanama2021-05-205JosuediazvI loved episode 99! Thank youI just listened to episode 99, and I loved every minute of it. There is no doubt that robotics and artificial intelligence are changing the face of employment as we know it and revolutionizing every industry. We must prepare ourselves to stay current. I am looking forward to listening to more!
United StatesUnited States2021-08-055Anne JanzerAlways a thought provoking discussionAidan is a fantastic host and interviewer, which generates lively discussions. I learn something every time I listen, and even when I show up as a guest!
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2021-09-185Andy Daws 50Every podcast has got me thinking!Aidan - I work in change, so was drawn to the John Kotter episode, which really related to the issues that businesses and leaders are facing out there. Some of his observations underpin what we talk about, so I’ll be using your podcast as a reference source. Also learned a lot listening to 2 episodes about writing, and the why : what : how framework was a great reminder. I had a LinkedIn post go viral (complete fluke) , and retrospectively I accidentally followed the formula, so will be much more purposeful in that approach now! 👍
New ZealandNew Zealand2021-09-305pullmylegagainLearnings, insight and great book recommendationsThis show discusses great modern ways of thinking about innovation, business and entrepreneurship.
United StatesUnited States2021-10-305SierraD247Class LectureTook a class at Trinity Business School with Aiden and it was very helpful not only from the standpoint of academia, but in understanding how the brain works and how to identify emerging trends. I also listened to a few podcast episodes to supplement what we did in class. Would definitely recommend this show if you are looking for interesting ways to improve yourself and how you think!
ItalyItaly2021-11-035AriannaFinocchiaroAmazing experience with Aidan at Trinity College of DublinI attended a module with professor Aidan during my MSc in Digital Marketing Strategy at Trinity college of Dublin, and it was a great experience. I enjoyed not only the contents, but most of all it’s methods, original and unique. Using metaphors and examples helped me understanding the concepts. Also, I discovered new thinks that stimulated my interests in emerging trends in technology and and my personal creativity.
IrelandIreland2021-11-055AmyC252Excellent Content!Aidan is a very inspiring and engaging individual. I enjoy listening to some of his podcasts in my spare time.
GreeceGreece2021-11-075ΕωσφοροςLife changing content.Simply eye-opening and inspirational. Well done!
MexicoMexico2022-02-055gabrielmadrazoA neverending well of Innovation knowledge and wisdomThis is arguably the best show that deals with the topic of innovation and growth in general. Each episode is full of in depth detail, insight and applicable knowledge and wisdom. It is very impmressive how Aidan McCullen manages to have command of every book week after week. He makes the show light and easy going with his casual style; he keeps it true to what He believes; and He keeps it very interesting with an array of guests who are at the top of their game in innovation worldwide. For me its an obligated stop every week to keep on learning and getting inspiration.
GermanyGermany2022-03-275l WäschleThe home of innovatorsThe Innovation Show is not just a podcast, it’s the repository of what you need to learn and know as a corporate innovator. Listening to the Innovation Show and implementing the essentials on your daily work replaces 50% of why you would want to spend thousands on an MBA program. Our project wouldn‘t be where we are w/o 12 months learning from Adan and his hand selected guests.
PortugalPortugal2022-05-275DavidMestreA must listen!It’s incredible the lessons that I’ve learnt from this show: not only in terms of innovation but also in leadership and in life! A mandatory listen every weeks!
PortugalPortugal2022-06-065Emídio Miguel CostaOne of my TOP 3 favorite podcastsEvery episode is packed with amazing and insightful ideas. Also, I love it when Aidan quotes from the books!
PanamaPanama2022-07-275JosuediazvI loved the episode with Chris Westfall!I just listened to the episode where you talked with Chris Westfall about the importance of effective communication and how to get clear on our vision, get aligned with our story, and get others engaged with our message to drive results. It was a great and entertaining one; I enjoyed every minute. I would highly recommend this podcast to anyone interested in learning about business-related topics. I am looking forward to listening to more!
United StatesUnited States2022-12-155dapperdude7AwesomeFantastic content, excellent host, I LOVE this podcast. Highly recommend it for folks who want to stretch the mind and their world.
United StatesUnited States2023-03-065Erik GreensteinLearningsI was listening to the Michael B Horn episode and thinking about some of the take away from this podcast and others in the series. Horn speaks about the non consumption model and how it relates to customers that you no longer want to service - yet others want to onboard in order to enter the market place and then move upstream in the value chain and it is something that you have to weigh when determining your overall market strategy - these are type of insights that come from a podcast that ask for rigorous thought - yet makes the ideas accessible to everyone. If you want to learn new each time you hear a podcast listen to the series, because each time you listen to a new episode or past one, you will learn something new…
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