Change Management by Changing THE Management: Organizational Self-Binding

To restrain long-term employees from falling back into their old habits. Even when long-term employees have the willpower, their old habits die hard. It is a tough dilemma for leaders, the tradeoff between retraining and replacing. Either way, there is a lot of pain, both are possible.

Evil Dead Hand

Innovation Frontal Disinhibition: Exploit, Explore, Apprehend, Comprehend.

Organisations were designed for steady environments and excel when situations are steady and predictable. Our business environment, our world today, is anything but steady and predictable. Established organisations excel at processes and procedures. They are organised for pristine exploitation (execution), not exploratory search.


Innovation Atomisation: Falling To Pieces

If you look at the image, it takes only a small effort to see the contours of a Dalmatian sniffing the ground. However, here is the point, without the previously stored higher-level concept “dog”, if we were only to use “the parts”, we would see only a meaningless pattern of white and black dots. We would focus on the parts and miss the big picture.

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