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The Heart of Business with Hubert Joly

Our guest today is a learner who courageously took on challenging turnaround roles in industries where he had no prior experience. He used his rigorous French education and elite training as a McKinsey consultant to lead five companies as CEO, culminating in the transformation of Best Buy.

During these years, he went through a personal transformation, from seeking to be the smartest person at the table to becoming a passionate and compassionate leader of people. By the time he became CEO of Best Buy in 2012, he had led turnarounds as head of EDS France, Vivendi’s video game division, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, and Carlson Companies.

Despite his achievements by his early forties he was feeling disillusioned from chasing success. This is what inspired him to take “a step back and spend time looking into his soul to find a better direction for his life.” In his study with Catholic monks and a number of CEOs in France, he realized that work is a noble calling to serve others and an expression of love.

He believes work must be guided by the pursuit of a purpose with people at its center. This conviction has shaped his life and his career. It is a great pleasure to welcome: Senior lecturer at Harvard Business School, former chairman and CEO of Best Buy, and author of, “The Heart of Business – Leadership Principles for the Next Era of Capitalism”, Hubert Joly

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