Cycling against the wind

Organisational Stress Wood: Struggle Builds Resilience

So often the challenge is that we focus on the failure rather than the learnings. When we focus on failure, we become cognitively impaired and we cannot think creatively. We must reframe our relationship with struggle.

As the saying goes, “kites rise against, not with the wind.”


Threat Within Vs Threat Without

Changemakers often experience the full wrath of a protective status quo when an internal power broker perceives them as a threat (to their position). Even though they may espouse upstanding business practices, proclaiming, “We are very innovative!”, ultimately when threatened by internally driven proactive change, the status quo can act as unscrupulously as the mob. 

Life Uh Finds a way

Life, Uh, Finds a Way: The Gift in the Curse, The Landing Not The Fall

Failure and catastrophe can provide a huge impetus and opportunity in stimulating transformation, new ideas, and new directions in business and in one’s personal life. Sometimes a storm, while devastating in the moment is exactly what we need to shake us from stagnation. 

Tracking The Trigger Point, Then Releasing It

Trigger points are small knots in muscles, which cause pain where it originates and/or in a spot that may seem completely unconnected.

Trigger points can decrease the range of motion and can cause muscles to fatigue quicker than they normally would.

For example, you may experience a sharp pain in your elbow, but that pain is caused by a trigger point in your shoulder blade. Such pain is known as referred pain and comes from the nerves impacted by the underlying cause of your symptoms. You seek relief for the obvious elbow pain, but the cause of that pain lies with a weakness in your shoulder blade.

The origin of the pain is not immediately obvious, while it manifests in one place, the cause lies elsewhere that is not so obvious. If you are working on transformation programmes with organisations, it is essential to identify “innovation trigger points”.

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