Ben Bensaou

Built to Innovate Part 3 with Ben M. Bensaou

In this episode, we explore some case studies in innovation including: Samsung The Pentagon The cement company-turned renewables EcoCem The paint company AkzoNobel and many nuggets of wisdom in between thank to Ben Bensaou

Spartan Warrior

Bleeding Less in War – Build Capability Before You Need It

Too often, when leaders realize they need to reinvent, it is too late. Organizations reluctantly reinvent in times of crisis because of some market turbulence or an upstart competitor is eating into their P&L sheet. When they do this in desperation or as a last resort, they rarely reinvent effectively and they rarely survive. In their book, “Stall Points”, Matthew S. Olson and Derek van Bever revealed that once an organization experiences a major stall in its growth, it has less than a 10% chance of ever enjoying its previous levels of success.

Too Focused? Dilated Peoples & The Forest for the Trees

In such cases, the eye “narrows in” on the potential opportunity or threat and we become blinkered. Huberman shares the visual example of a person looking into a forest when the pupil is dilated. You can see in the image below when a stressed (dilated) eye looks into a forest, it only sees the tree in the forest, everything else blurs into the background. 

Image of a brain

The Pain of Disagreement

Disagreement is painful. Burns’ work suggests that not only are our brains not wired for truly independent thought, but it takes a huge amount of effort to overcome the fear of standing up for one’s own beliefs and speaking out. Those people who speak up with the intention to course correct the business before a calamity should be welcomed, but they are often ostracised and outcast.

Michele Wucker,Risk,You Are What You Risk,

You Are What You Risk with Michele Wucker

Today’s book is a clarion call for an entirely new conversation about our relationship with risk and uncertainty. Our guest examines why it’s so important to understand your risk fingerprint and how to make your risk relationship work better in business, life, and the world.

She shares insights, practical tools, and proven strategies that will help you to understand what makes you who you are –and, in turn, to make better choices, both big and small.

We welcome friend of the Innovation Show and author of You Are What You Risk, Michele Wucker, welcome back to the show

Image of Ed Hess

Learn or Die with Ed Hess

Humility is the New Smart is his emotions book.
Hyper-Learning is his behavioural and philosophy book. 
Learn or Die is his science book.

It is always a pleasure to welcome a great friend of the Innovation show , Ed Hess.

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