Business Experiments with Sarah Spoto and Vincent Ducret

Stop Relying on Gut Feeling: How Business Experimentation Drives Innovation

In the ever-changing world of business, instinct can only take you so far. The latest episode of The Innovation Show dives deep into the world of data-driven innovation, exploring how business experimentation can de-risk new ventures and lead to success.

Our Corporate Explorers, Sarah Spoto (Product Marketing Manager for Electric Vehicles & Customer Experience with Cadillac) and Vincent Ducret (ChangeLogic), share their experiences implementing a groundbreaking business experimentation framework for General Motors in China.

This episode unpacks the importance of assumption analysis, prioritizing hypotheses, and iterative experimentation for making informed decisions based on real customer data, not just intuition.

You’ll also learn about:

The challenges of corporate innovation and how to overcome them
How to foster a culture of experimentation that embraces celebrating failures as learning opportunities
A real-world example of business experimentation in action

A picture of Wendy on the Innovation Show to discuss her book Smith Both And Thinking

Wendy Smith – Both/And Thinking Part 2

Unleash the Power of “Both/And” Thinking: Solve Toughest Problems & Make Breakthrough DecisionsTired of either/or choices? This episode of The Innovation Show cracks the code on navigating paradoxes. Join Wendy Smith, co-author of “Both/And Thinking,” as she reveals the power of embracing tensions for better problem-solving in your career, organization, and beyond. Discover the four types of paradoxes and practical strategies to manage them effectively. Learn from Lego’s success story and more!

Vanessa Ceia

Gathering Customer Discovery Data with Vanessa Ceia

Vanessa Ceia shares the critical shift needed for corporate explorers to succeed—moving from an inside-out to an outside-in mindset. Highlighting Corporate Explorer Field Book chapters, we discuss how customer discovery interviews can overcome inherent corporate biases.

George Glackin

George Glackin – Value Flows and Design Criteria Maps

This episode of the Corporate Explorer series focuses on developing compelling value propositions through the use of ‘value flows’ and ‘design criteria maps’, as explained by guest George Glackin.

Michael Nichols

Venture Building from Idea to Scale with Michael Nichols

Michael Nichols, coauthor of the Corporate Explorer Field Book and Director of Corporate Ventures for MANN + HUMMEL, shares insights on the challenges of inside-out innovation within corporations, emphasizing the importance of validating business models beyond core business practices.

Rita McGrath and Aidan McCullen on The Innovation Show

Rita McGrath: Designing Organisations for Innovation and Growth

In this final of a 4-part episode, Rita McGrath discusses her upcoming book focused on how organisations can design structures that empower decision-making at all levels, embracing a ‘permissionless’ approach to innovation.

Simon Hill and Aidan McCullen

The Power of Collective Intelligence with Simon Hill

Harnessing Global Creativity for Innovat The Power of Collective Intelligence with Simon Hill

Rita McGrath

The Entrepreneurial Mindset Part 2 with Rita McGrath

In part 2 of The Entrepreneurial Mindset, Rita McGrath, discusses the concept of the entrepreneurial mindset and the power of consumption chain analysis for businesses seeking to differentiate and innovate. 


Rita illustrates how understanding each step of a customer’s journey, from need identification to product disposal, can unveil numerous opportunities for innovation and competitive advantage.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset Part 1 with Rita McGrath

A conversation with Rita McGrath, author of ‘The Entrepreneurial Mindset,’ exploring principles for thriving in rapidly changing environments. McGrath shares her personal journey from industry to academia, emphasising the importance of understanding practical business applications.

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