Mark Esposito,

EP 243: Understanding How the Future Unfolds: Using Drive to Harness the Power of Today’s Megatrends with Mark Esposito

Mark Esposito shares a fresh, holistic way to think about tomorrow by preparing for it today: He calls it DRIVE.

The DRIVE framework examines five interrelated megatrends: 

• Demographic and social changes
• Resource scarcity
• Inequalities
• Volatility, complexity, and scale
• Enterprising dynamics 

EP 226: CLEVER: The Six Strategic Drivers for the Fourth Industrial Revolution with Alessandro Lanteri

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here. As emerging technologies like AI and blockchain become ubiquitous, they will unleash unprecedented levels of disruption.

EP 219: Humility Is the New Smart, Rethinking Human Excellence In the Smart Machine Age with Ed Hess

Edward Hess tells us the crucial mindset underlying NewSmart is humility–not self-effacement but an accurate self-appraisal: acknowledging you can’t have all the answers, remaining open to new ideas, and committing yourself to lifelong learning.

Transforming Legacy Organizations: Turn your Established Business into an Innovation Champion to Win the Future with Kris Østergaard

Kris Østergaard provides real-world advice and research-based information on how to grow innovation by employing new technologies, improving processes, and establishing a culture of creativity and forward momentum.

AI for Marketing and Product Innovation with Dr A.K. Pradeep

Today’s episode offers innovators, entrepreneurs creatives and marketing professionals a non-tech guide to artificial intelligence and machine learning —twin technologies that stand poised to revolutionise the way we exist in business and life.

The future is here, and we are in the thick of it; AI and ML are already in our lives every day, whether we know it or not.

The technology continues to evolve and grow, but the capabilities that make these tools world-changing for marketers are already here—whether we use them or not.


Today we will touch on how we can take advantage of AI’s unparalleled and rapidly expanding power. 


We will look at

  • How we can use AI and ML in ways that speak to the human spirit?
  • How to we translate cold technological innovation into creative tools that forge deep human connections?

Written by a team of experts at the intersection of neuroscience, technology, and marketing the book we will discuss today is a must have for anyone looking at where innovation, marketing, branding and creativity is going next.

We welcome the author of AI for Marketing and Product Innovation: Powerful New Tools for Predicting Trends, Connecting with Customers, and Closing Sales, Dr A.K. Pradeep