Threat Within Vs Threat Without

Changemakers often experience the full wrath of a protective status quo when an internal power broker perceives them as a threat (to their position). Even though they may espouse upstanding business practices, proclaiming, “We are very innovative!”, ultimately when threatened by internally driven proactive change, the status quo can act as unscrupulously as the mob. 

Shameen Prashantham

Gorillas Can Dance Part 2 with Shameen Prashantham

This book tackles corporate-startup partnering in three parts. The Why, The How and The Where. In part one, our guest gave an overview of his over 15 years of research, which involved over 400 interviews with corporate managers, startup entrepreneurs, and other individuals involved in corporate-startup partnering and in part 1, he introduced some of the key players who placed the way to the Microsoft gorilla learning to dance with startups and … vice versa. We welcome back the author of “Gorillas Can Dance: Lessons from Microsoft and Other Corporations on Partnering with Startups” Shameen Prashantham.

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