Mark Solms The Hidden Spring The Cortical Fallacy

Mark Solms – The Hidden Spring Part 3: The Cortical Fallacy

In The Hidden Spring, our guest Mark Solms does not dive too deeply into Karl Fristonā€™s mathematics. As you will discover, he summarises its implications, describing Fristonā€™s free energy as a quantifiable measure of how a system models the world and how it behaves. This notion leads to a very different idea of consciousness from Descartesā€™s reason-centric version that set up the puzzling dualism of ā€œmindā€ and ā€œmatterā€, a la Damasio’s Descartes Error. Mark explores the ā€œcortical fallacy,ā€ which refers to his view that neuroscientists who have argued that the ā€œseat of consciousnessā€ is in the cortex are wrong. Recent neuroscience has shed light on where this is.

As Mark points out, damage to just two cubic millimetres of the upper brainstem will ā€œobliterate all consciousness.ā€

So where does it “Spring” from?

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