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EP 116: How Porn Conditions us and Shapes our Brains with author of "The Porn Trap" Wendy Maltz

We are joined by relationship therapist and author of The Porn Trap: The Essential Guide to Overcoming Problems Caused by Pornography Wendy Maltz.

The 14th-century Sufi poet, Hafiz wrote:

“Learn to recognize the counterfeit coins

that may buy you just a moment of pleasure,

but then drag you for days

like a broken man

behind a farting camel.”

Pornography is not only an individual problem, it’s a social and cultural problem.

It is impacting many relationships, individuals and in the dawn of virtual reality pornography and easy access, it is conditioning our future generations, how they think and how they interact in society and in interpersonal relationships.

How, you may wonder, can something that isn’t a drug, isn’t an extramarital affair, isn’t actually sex with someone else, cause such devastating problems as divorce, getting fired, and not being able to get sexually aroused by a real live partner? 

On this episode, we hope to help you (as a user or a partner or friend of a regular user) to:

  • Understand why this is a societal and cultural problem
  • Understand how the porn habit is formed and how it can rewire our brains
  • Evaluate the impact of porn on children, society and relationships 

You can find out more about Wendy and her books at:

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