Private Lawns, Planning: Protection or Growth

The ‘private lawn’ is the ability to have the time and space to plan, think and grow. For some of us, daily survival consumes all our time and energy, leaving no room for strategic thinking or planning. Few organisations carve out the time to plan, strategise and think about long-term goals and objectives.

As business leaders, creating an environment where everyone can access their ‘private lawn’ – a space for growth, planning, and forward-thinking is crucial. However, we must also plan by priority.

Image of robots sitting around like gods

The God(s) and The Useless: Scams and Gaps In an Age of AI

While scams and fraud have been around as long as human society, what happens when a scammer is no longer a person but an AI? As in Esperanza’s case, trust is often the scammer’s most potent weapon. This elderly woman, driven by her religious obsession, gave her life savings to someone she believed was divine. With its capacity to learn and adapt, AI could potentially exploit that trust on a much larger scale.

Phaedra Boinodiris

LIVE SHOW: Phaedra Boinodiris – AI for the Rest of Us

I was MC for the tech stage at the Fifteen seconds Festival in Graz, Austria. I had the pleasure of meeting the brilliant Phaedra Boinodiris. She is the author of the book “AI for the Rest of Us”, and is a co-founder of the Future World Alliance, a non-profit dedicated to curating K-12 education in AI ethics.

Hire For Neurosignature, Train for Skill: The Brain is Like a Waterbed

Hire For Neurosignature Train For Skill. In a changing workplace, rather than hiring solely based on skill, we might consider a candidate’s neurosignature. Each neurosignature brings unique strengths to the table. Hiring for neurosignature and training for skill might lead to higher workplace happiness, higher revenue and lower employee turnover.

Image of Helen Edwards

Helen Edwards – From Marginal to Mainstream Part 2

Helen Edwards joins us for part 2 of a 2-part episode on her book, “From Marginal to Mainstream Why Tomorrow’s brand growth will come from the Fringes – and How to get there first.”

A Caterpillar Stuck in a Cocoon

Confined to the Cocoon: More Ways To Skin A Caterpillar (Cake)

Incremental innovation remains a critical component for organisations. However, when an organisation only rewards incremental endeavours (recognition, remuneration and promotion), why would anybody want to risk their career with transformational effort? Give the customer a 12-blade razor, a chai-latte-flavoured soda or a 6G Origami phone. By all means, be a fast-moving caterpillar-cake copycat, but invest some of the profits from the incremental present into the transformational future. Don’t use the future to fuel your present.

The-GAME-of-Innovation by David Cutler

David Cutler – The GAME of Innovation

David Cutler’s “The GAME of Innovation” book, shares a flexible methodology for designing powerhouse innovation GAMEs (Guidelines, Arena, Materials, Experience), Aligning teams with five problem-solving “lenses.

Corporate-Controlled Burn: “Right Way Fire” 

The Aboriginal tradition of “Right Way Fire” involves the controlled use of fire to maintain and restore ecosystems. Strategic small-scale slow burns in targeted areas during the early dry season minimise the risks of uncontrollable wildfires in the dry season. This practice is deeply rooted in the understanding that mindfully clearing away the old and stagnant creates space for new growth and vitality. This collective ancestral wisdom, long ignored, is now changing practices across several countries with similar savannah grasslands.)

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