Image of Edward Hess and his book cover Own Your Work Journey

Edward D. Hess – Own Your Work Journey!

It is a sincere pleasure to welcome the author of “Own Your Work Journey!: The Path to Meaningful Work and Happiness in the Age of Smart Technology and Radical Change.” Edward D. Hess

Jim Detert

LIVE: Choosing Courage LIVE with Jim Detert

In his book, Choosing Courage, Jim Detert explains that courage isn’t a character trait that only a few possess; it’s a virtue developed through practice.

Image of Ed Hess

Learn or Die with Ed Hess

Humility is the New Smart is his emotions book.
Hyper-Learning is his behavioural and philosophy book. 
Learn or Die is his science book.

It is always a pleasure to welcome a great friend of the Innovation show , Ed Hess.

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