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EP530 Building an Ecosystem Playbook with Christine Griffin

Ever wondered how companies can leverage partnerships to drive innovation and deliver new value propositions to their customers? In this episode, we explore the art and science of corporate innovation ecosystems with Christine Griffin, a renowned expert in the field.

Christine unveils a powerful six-step process for crafting a winning ecosystem playbook. We delve into a compelling case study – Best Buy’s strategic shift from retail giant to home health services leader – to illustrate the power of this approach.

Discover how Best Buy leveraged acquisitions and partnerships to become a key player in the home health market. Learn the importance of understanding value creation, identifying market turning points, and mapping the ecosystem landscape. We’ll also explore how to assess financial flows, build a robust scaling path, and develop the capabilities needed for success.

This episode is a must-listen for corporate explorers and innovation leaders seeking to:

Develop successful partnerships
Drive co-innovation for customer value
Navigate the complexities of business ecosystems

George Glackin

George Glackin – Value Flows and Design Criteria Maps

This episode of the Corporate Explorer series focuses on developing compelling value propositions through the use of ‘value flows’ and ‘design criteria maps’, as explained by guest George Glackin.

Challenge-Driven Innovation with Bea Schofield

This episode of the Corporate Explorer series features a discussion with Bea Schofield, a specialist in Challenge-Driven Innovation (CDI), and various co-authors of the ‘Corporate Explorer Field Book’.

The podcast, supported by Wazoku, delves into how large organisations can foster innovation through a sustainable ecosystem using ‘Connected Collective Intelligence’. The conversation focuses on the principles of CDI, detailing a framework dubbed ‘LASSO’ for crafting effective challenges that stimulate creative solutions. It underscores the importance of setting clear boundaries to fuel creativity, ensuring challenges are actionable and specific, and aligning them with strategic goals to facilitate ownership and support within the organisation. The episode also covers strategic challenge framing, stakeholder engagement, solution evaluation, and prioritisation, offering insights into blending creativity with systematic processes for corporate innovation. Bea Schofield shares her perspective on the role of corporate innovators and the necessity of balancing ideation with execution to drive meaningful organisational change. 

00:00 Welcome to the Corporate Explorer Series: Launching the Field Book

00:15 Introducing Wazoku: Powering Sustainable Innovation

01:07 Diving Into the World of CDI with Bea Schofield

03:59 Exploring the LASSO Framework for Effective Challenges

07:44 The Importance of Support and Ownership in Innovation

17:19 Navigating Corporate Innovation: Strategies and Tools

20:41 Selecting the Right Channels for Innovation Challenges

21:58 Wrapping Up and Where to Find Bea Schofield

Corporate Explorer Series, Innovation Ecosystems, CDI (Challenge Driven Innovation), Connected Collective Intelligence, Ideation Process, Challenge Design, LASSO Framework, Problem Solving,  Collaboration,  Corporate Innovation

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