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EP530 Building an Ecosystem Playbook with Christine Griffin

Ever wondered how companies can leverage partnerships to drive innovation and deliver new value propositions to their customers? In this episode, we explore the art and science of corporate innovation ecosystems with Christine Griffin, a renowned expert in the field.

Christine unveils a powerful six-step process for crafting a winning ecosystem playbook. We delve into a compelling case study – Best Buy’s strategic shift from retail giant to home health services leader – to illustrate the power of this approach.

Discover how Best Buy leveraged acquisitions and partnerships to become a key player in the home health market. Learn the importance of understanding value creation, identifying market turning points, and mapping the ecosystem landscape. We’ll also explore how to assess financial flows, build a robust scaling path, and develop the capabilities needed for success.

This episode is a must-listen for corporate explorers and innovation leaders seeking to:

Develop successful partnerships
Drive co-innovation for customer value
Navigate the complexities of business ecosystems

Michael Beer

Fit To Compete Part 2 with Michael Beer

Join us in ‘Fit to Compete, Part 2’ where Michael Beer, the renowned expert in corporate strategy, delves into the crucial elements of business innovation and transformation. This episode offers insightful discussions on strategic fitness, the power of honest conversations, and the roles of leadership and culture in driving organizational change. Featuring a case study on Becton Dickinson, Mike highlights the essentiality of aligning strategy with internal communication for corporate success. Perfect for professionals and leaders seeking guidance in the dynamic world of business.”

Main topics with timestamps:

  1. Strategic Fitness Process – [00:00:00]
  2. Long-Term Investment Challenges – [00:13:00]
  3. Impact of Company Culture and Leadership – [00:30:00]
  4. Role of Succession Planning – [00:43:00]
  5. Becton Dickinson Case Study – [00:51:00]
  6. Transformative Leadership and Values – [00:57:00]
  7. Innovation in Corporate Strategy – [01:03:00]
  8. Conclusion and Key Takeaways – [01:10:00]

Articles mentioned in the episode: The Great Training Robbery

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