Hire For Neurosignature, Train for Skill: The Brain is Like a Waterbed

Hire For Neurosignature Train For Skill. In a changing workplace, rather than hiring solely based on skill, we might consider a candidate’s neurosignature. Each neurosignature brings unique strengths to the table. Hiring for neurosignature and training for skill might lead to higher workplace happiness, higher revenue and lower employee turnover.

A Caterpillar Stuck in a Cocoon

Confined to the Cocoon: More Ways To Skin A Caterpillar (Cake)

Incremental innovation remains a critical component for organisations. However, when an organisation only rewards incremental endeavours (recognition, remuneration and promotion), why would anybody want to risk their career with transformational effort? Give the customer a 12-blade razor, a chai-latte-flavoured soda or a 6G Origami phone. By all means, be a fast-moving caterpillar-cake copycat, but invest some of the profits from the incremental present into the transformational future. Don’t use the future to fuel your present.

Image of Helen Edward

Helen Edwards – From Marginal to Mainstream Part 1

Helen Edwards book, “Marginal to Mainstream” shows why businesses, marketers and entrepreneurs need to break free from their ‘mainstream inhibition’ and turn their attention to the margins – to confront, evaluate and embrace the ‘strangeness’ of behaviours, ideas and ways of life at the fringes.

The-GAME-of-Innovation by David Cutler

David Cutler – The GAME of Innovation

David Cutler’s “The GAME of Innovation” book, shares a flexible methodology for designing powerhouse innovation GAMEs (Guidelines, Arena, Materials, Experience), Aligning teams with five problem-solving “lenses.

The Microstress Effect with Karen Dillon

Karen Dillon – The Microstress Effect

Microstress: tiny moments of stress triggered by people in our personal and professional lives; stresses so routine that we barely register them but whose cumulative toll is debilitating. We welcome the author of “The Microstress Effect” Karen Dillon

A old lady becoming younger

Organisational Senescence: Senescent Skillsets 

Some organisations engage in renewal as an event rather than an ongoing process. In such cases, they find their organisational skillsets and capabilities are inadequate for the new reality. Often employees who excelled in a previous reality struggle in the new paradigm. In some cases, these employees become senescent. They can even act like a senescent cell and influence those around them to become toxic and malevolent.


Charles O'Reilly III – Winning Through Innovation Part 2

In part 2 of our Tushman and O’Reilly series, Charles O’Reilly III explores the importance of cultural alignment in encouraging change. We focus on the cases of DaVita, Microsoft and AGC.

Kim B. Clark – The Interaction of Design Hierarchies and Market Concepts in Technological Evolution

Kim Bryce Clark is with us to celebrate the life and theories of his friend Clayton Christensen and, indeed, share some of his theories.

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