Image of David L. Rogers The Digital Transformation Guru

David L. Rogers – The Digital Transformation Roadmap Part 1

Unlocking Successful Digital Transformation: Insights from David L. Rogers

In this episode, David L. Rogers, author of ‘The Digital Transformation Roadmap’ and ‘The Digital Transformation Playbook,’ joins Aidan to discuss the critical steps and challenges businesses face in their journey towards digital transformation. Rogers emphasises the importance of transforming not just products and business models but the organisation itself. 

He outlines five major barriers to success: vision, priorities, experimentation, governance, and capabilities. 


Through insightful case studies such as the New York Times and CNN+, Rogers illustrates the pitfalls and successful strategies for driving meaningful innovation. 


Additionally, he highlights the need for iterative funding and continuous adaptation in the face of uncertainty. This episode is packed with practical advice and lessons drawn from two decades of research and real-world examples, aimed at helping leaders navigate and thrive in the digital age.


00:00 Introduction to Digital Transformation

00:57 Meet the Author: David L. Rogers

01:47 The Evolution of Digital Transformation

02:36 Challenges and Misconceptions

07:48 Defining Digital Transformation

09:56 Barriers to Success

22:26 Case Study: The New York Times

31:33 Setting Realistic Expectations for Change

32:21 Defining a Clear Vision for Change

34:03 Empathy and Resistance to Change

34:53 Challenges of Corporate Innovation

36:15 Addressing Uncertainty in Innovation

39:27 Paths to Innovation and Growth

41:41 Case Study: The Failure of CNN Plus

49:55 Iterative Funding and the Facebook Example

54:44 Conclusion and Final Thoughts


Find David here: 




The Missing Link Between Strategy and Innovation article David mentioned:


The episode we mentioned with Steve Blank:

The Startup Owner’s Manual: The Step-By-Step Guide for Building a Great Company


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Rita McGrath and Aidan McCullen on The Innovation Show

Rita McGrath: Designing Organisations for Innovation and Growth

In this final of a 4-part episode, Rita McGrath discusses her upcoming book focused on how organisations can design structures that empower decision-making at all levels, embracing a ‘permissionless’ approach to innovation.

Rita McGrath Aidan McCullen Innovation

The Entrepreneurial Mindset Part 3 with Rita McGrath

In this extensive session with Rita McGrath emphasises the importance of continuous innovation, exploiting new opportunities, and building new competencies to stay competitive.

Rita McGrath

The Entrepreneurial Mindset Part 2 with Rita McGrath

In part 2 of The Entrepreneurial Mindset, Rita McGrath, discusses the concept of the entrepreneurial mindset and the power of consumption chain analysis for businesses seeking to differentiate and innovate. 


Rita illustrates how understanding each step of a customer’s journey, from need identification to product disposal, can unveil numerous opportunities for innovation and competitive advantage.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset Part 1 with Rita McGrath

A conversation with Rita McGrath, author of ‘The Entrepreneurial Mindset,’ exploring principles for thriving in rapidly changing environments. McGrath shares her personal journey from industry to academia, emphasising the importance of understanding practical business applications.

A Caterpillar Stuck in a Cocoon

Confined to the Cocoon: More Ways To Skin A Caterpillar (Cake)

Incremental innovation remains a critical component for organisations. However, when an organisation only rewards incremental endeavours (recognition, remuneration and promotion), why would anybody want to risk their career with transformational effort? Give the customer a 12-blade razor, a chai-latte-flavoured soda or a 6G Origami phone. By all means, be a fast-moving caterpillar-cake copycat, but invest some of the profits from the incremental present into the transformational future. Don’t use the future to fuel your present.

Discovery-Driven Planning with Rita Gunther McGrath The Clayton Christensen Tribute

Discovery-Driven Planning with Rita Gunther McGrath The Clayton Christensen Tribute

Discovery-Driven Planning with Rita Gunther McGrath The Clayton Christensen Tribute

Matt Christensen,Rose Park Advisors,

Netflix Blockbuster and The Innovators Dilemma with Matt Christensen

The work of Clayton Christensen changed my worldview and, ultimately, my life. I have been lining up all his co-authors to celebrate his life and share his theories. We have been interviewing each of these great thinkers over the last few months and into 2023. We will bring you each of those episodes in chronological order of his book releases. It includes Matt Christensen, Clay’s son and CEO of Rose Park Advisors, Rita McGrath, Joseph L. Bower, Michael Raynor, Scott D. Anthony Hal Gregerson, Taddy Hall Bob Moesta, Michael B. Horn Efosa Ojomo and Karen Dillon.

Coming Jan 23, 2023

Dropping Coconuts: Letting Go

This week’s #thursdaythought is about letting go of assets before they have run their course. It is inspired by the latest episode of The Innovation Show with the author of “Quit” by Annie Duke. Serendipitously it is also influenced by Rita McGrath, who joined us in person this week in Dublin.

StageCoach Image

Leaders as (Stage)Coaches

The word coach comes from stagecoach. A stagecoach is a four-wheeled public coach used to carry paying passengers and light packages on journeys from point A to point B. Most of us will know these from western movies or old TV shows like “Little House on the Prairie”. The concept of a stagecoach is a wonderful analogy for leadership.

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