Getting On Board with the Board – David Fubini

Hidden Truths Finale: What Leaders Need to Hear But Are Rarely Told with David Fubini 00:00:00 Intro 00:00:36 Getting on Board with the Board 00:04:44 CEO’s role to reach out to the Board 00:07:32 Board Theatre 00:11:28 ESG Sustainability and Stakeholders 00:15:15 Diversity, Equity, Inclusion 00:20:09 Positioning Change as a Journey 00:21:57 When it’s time to leave 00:26:28 Leaving Well 00:36:36 Outro


From Reopen to Reinvent with Michael Horn

In today’s knowledge economy that prizes intellectual capital—where we need all individuals to build passions and develop their full human potential—our education system is no longer sufficient. Amid the disaster since the pandemic’s assault on society and schools over multiple school years, there is an opportunity to rebuild better by altering the fundamental assumptions undergirding our present-day schooling model. Today’s book isn’t about disruptive innovation. Nor is it about the devastation and disruption that the pandemic caused. It’s about what we build out of this devastation. What we choose to create. And our guest proposes that It starts with educators.

We welcome a friend of the show and someone I have also become to see as a friend, he is here to share his new book, From Reopen to Reinvent, Recreating School for Every Child, Michael Horn

Find Michael here:


Anna Lembke Dopamine

Anna Lembke – Dopamine Nation Part 2

Anna Lembke unpacks the neuroscience of reward and, in so doing, enable us to find a better, healthier balance between pleasure and pain. But neuroscience is not enough. We also need the lived experience of human beings. Who better to teach us how to overcome compulsive overconsumption than those most vulnerable to it: people with addiction.

Hidden Truths David Fubini

Hidden Truths with David Fubini Part 1

In his book Hidden Truths David Fubini provides practical knowledge that will not only help leaders do their jobs better, but assist boards, HR, consultants, and others in working effectively with these executives. One of the book’s themes is that appearance is not reality.
Much has been written and discussed about the apparent roles and responsibilities of CEOs and managing directors and other leaders.

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